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Why Incorporate in Nevada?

    * No Corporate Income Tax
    * No Taxes on Corporate Shares
    * No Franchise Tax
    * No Personal Income Tax
    * Nominal Annual Fees
    * Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock.
    * Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property,
        or real estate, including leases and options.  The directors may determine the
        value of any of these transactions, and their decision is final.
    * No Franchise Tax on Income
    * No Inheritance or Gift Tax
    * No Unitary Tax
    * No Estate Tax
    * Competitive Sales and Property Tax Rates
    * Minimal Employer Payroll Tax - 0.7% of gross wages with deductions
       for employer paid health insurance
    * Nevada's Business Court
          o Developed on the Delaware model, the Business Court in Nevada minimizes the
              time, cost and risks of commercial litigation by:
                + Early, comprehensive case management
                + Active judicial participation in settlement
                + Priority for hearing settings to avoid business disruption
                + Predictability of legal decisions in commercial matters
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We provide you with personalized services assuring that your entity serves all your your business objectives.

Just supply your information online by phone, fax, or email - and we do the rest!
Corporate Services of Nevada
502 North Division St.,
Carson City, Nevada 89703-4103
Phone: (775) 883-3711,
Toll free: (800) 655-0538,
FAX: (775) 883-2723
Service above all, choose NSC to be your partner in your company's health and growth as a Nevada Corporation
Service above all, choose CSN to be your partner in your company's health and growth as a Nevada Corporation.
(775) 883-3711
Toll Free (800) 655-0538
Registered with the Nevada Secretary of State
Corporate Services of Nevada
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"After many years of less than acceptable service by several Resident Agent service companies, in Nevada, I am extremely satisfied with the "exceeds expectations" services that Corporate Services of Nevada provides. The personal attention we receive from CSN is a rarity in today’s business world. I would recommend CSN to everybody that wants superior service for incorporation and Resident Agent Services." -Phillip Fenty-Haven Holding Group Inc.
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